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Cervical Cancer in the Caribbean Region

Cervical cancer ranks among the highest cancer rates globally, disproportionately affecting women in low-income or underserved communities. Early detection and response are key indicators for eradicating Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and reducing cervical cancer rates. In the Eastern Caribbean, Grenada carries a high cervical disease burden and associated mortality rate. Grenada’s health system has long relied on health fairs and direct outreach to disseminate information about health and preventive care. In-person outreach was severely interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was necessary to leverage digital communications to continue engagement with populations that were physically isolated. A successful online cervical cancer education effort required authentic content designed specifically for Grenada’s population.

Creative Director: Charles “Wes” Price

Project Manager: Sue Simon

Project Lead: Claudia Cárceles Román

Lead Animator: Nicole Lekach

Animators: Sarah Gluschitz, Nicole Lekach

Asset Creators: Claudia Cárceles Román, Lucia Garces

Narrator: Dr. Sasha Lake

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Francis McGill, Dr. Sasha Lake

WIM Student Leads: Hanah Lee, Jade Lerner, Jasmine Custodio and Amrita Pandey

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